Behaviour Management Policy and Procedure

The named person responsible for behaviour policy is: Liz Bull

The staff at Great Gransden Pre School Playgroup aim to give children positive role models of behaviour – care courtesy, respect, and friendliness.

We aim to develop an atmosphere in which children develop self-esteem and self-discipline with mutual respect.

Staff will praise any behaviour of a positive nature and will be consistent with regard to rules so children know what to expect and can develop appropriate behaviour. Staff are encouraged to discuss behaviour issues and strategies with Liz.

We use a reward system where instances of a positive behaviour are rewarded with a sticker. During chat/story times staff praise the children with the group.

Staff will help children develop strategies to handle any conflicts – such as sharing – so children can work together in a harmonious atmosphere. Unacceptable behaviour such as bullying will involve the manager speaking to the parents of the child and working out a strategy together with parents, so the child has support to understand why this is wrong.

When a child’s behaviour is unacceptable a member of staff will give the child 1:1 support to help them see why their behaviour was wrong.

This may involve the adult removing the child from the situation and giving ‘time out’ or working at another activity together. The staff will always deliver this in a way appropriate to the child’s level of understanding.

No physical or emotional punishment will ever be used in Playgroup. Also no staff will ever raise their voice/shout at a child.

Physical restraint will only be given in situations when children, adults or property are in danger. This action will be recorded and the parent informed that day.   Staff are all aware of the appropriate way to safely restrain a child.

Staff will work with the child and their parents to ensure that they know it is the behaviour not the child that is not welcome at Playgroup.

Recurring problems will be dealt with by the Playgroup as a whole, so staff can identify the cause and make adjustments to any routines etc, with the manager having overall responsibility for behaviour management issues.

All staff will be aware that some inappropriate behaviour may be due to a child’s special needs, so will work with the SENco/ outside agencies to deliver strategies to help deal with this.