Getting Involved

Our Relationship with Parents/Guardians:

Parents and guardians will receive e-mails with the latest newsletter, with details of events, news, fundraising, and other information is posted on the website.  Also the ‘Activities at Home’ sheet – giving information on each terms events at Playgroup.

We also ask parents to fill in a ‘Note from Home’ sheet now and then – if there are any events [such as family visitors/visits out] or attainment your child has made at home that you can tell us so we can discuss with your child at chat time and also add to their development record [These sheets are put in the workbox/ left in the lobby]

The notice board also has items of interest for parents/carers. There is also a parent’s section on the notice board where you can put cards with items for sale on etc.

Any comments you would like to make can be put in the wooden box in the lobby, or by E-mail. We welcome all feedback from parents.

Please feel free to talk to Liz or any other member of staff if you need information or help or advice regarding your child. All matters are dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

We also enjoy informal chats with parents when they help at playgroup – please feel free to ring for a chat if you are unable to help due to work.

We aim to have a friendly, professional relationship with the parents and carers of the children in our care.

Parent Visitors/Helpers:

As a Playgroup we aim to include Parents/Carers as much as possible. We have an open door policy – asking Parents to put their name and the date they can come in on the clipboard on the table in the lobby – this is the ideal way to see your child with their peers, observe their developing friendships, chat to the staff,  speak to your child’s keyworker etc. Also sometimes we would appreciate help with prep for activities [especially at Christmas for e.g.] Or email us with the date if easier.

While your child is new to playgroup we ask for you to wait until they have settled in before you help [usually the first ½ term] If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

We ask if parents can help/visit at least once a term.  We welcome helpers for both am and pm sessions and especially during cooking weeks [highlighted on the helper rota] Babies and toddlers are most welcome. Please note visiting children under two are the parent’s responsibility at all times.


This is extremely important for Playgroup.  As a charity the fees pay for the running costs of the building and staff wages. We rely on regular fundraising to help pay for children’s toys and equipment that needs renewing. We also need to add and expand the equipment too whenever possible.

Any ideas or suggestions you may have regarding fundraising will be very welcome, please speak to either a member of staff or a committee member – see the notice board. The staff and children very much appreciate the support given from parents/carers.

The Committee’s Role:

The Committee is composed of a Voluntary Management Committee and a Fundraising Committee. The Committees meet regularly, with the VM Committee dealing with the general running of playgroup. Names/details are in the lobby. The minutes of the meetings are put on the notice board for parents to read.

Parents/carers are also invited to attend the A.G.M. – held in July. It’s an opportunity to find out about the past year, chat with staff, and to either join the committee or offer support in other ways. Please do ask if you would like to join the fundraising/VM committee.

We also have three Holding Trustees who have overall responsibility for the building and its upkeep [names also in the lobby]