Key person and Record-Keeping:

When your child starts with us, a member of staff [Keyperson] who will see them the most throughout the week will be responsible for keeping a record of their progress. The keyperson will get to know her group of children well and will liaise with parents regularly, in person, by phone or e-mail. We also like to do a short home visit before your child starts with us. Please feel free to contact us whenever you wish.

Staff regularly spend time with their group of children to focus on an area of development – such as modelling with dough – to support and extend each child’s learning. This enables the staff to tailor activities so they are fun, enjoyable and a learning experience.

We keep an on line record folder for every child who attends playgroup with photographs and written observations to monitor and foster their development. We then complete a report each term on each child’s progress and stage of development – information from this will then be passed onto each child’s reception teacher. If a child attends two settings we ask that the setting that has the child for the most hours/week makes a full record.

Parents/guardians are asked to look at their child’s record folder on line regularly and are asked to add their comments as well as any from their child. When children move on from Playgroup Parents can then save their child’s folder.

We also offer parent/key person meetings each term for children when we show you work done so far and chat about your child’s development and progress – ideally these are held  informally in-session or a 10 minute appointment can be made if preferred - please ask/email.