Please try to avoid dressing your child in tights or trousers or with belts that your child cannot manage. We help all children, as needed, to use the toilet but we do try to encourage independence at all times. Also we would appreciate children’s shoes to have velcro or buckle fastening rather than shoe laces – again to help promote children’s independence.

We use aprons for painting and gluing but occasionally clothes do get marks on them, so please do not put children in their best clothes. [We always try to use washable paints and glue]

You may like to order a playgroup t-shirt or sweatshirt for your child – details are on the notice board. We go outside every day so please bring a coat and hat for your child or a sun hat in hot weather. Please ensure all sweatshirts, hats, mittens, wellies etc. are named clearly – there are often identical clothes and shoes in the lobby