If your child becomes ill at playgroup we will telephone the contacts listed on the registration form in order, and ask for your child to be collected as soon as possible.

If your child needs to take medicine such as antibiotics [not calpol] while at playgroup we ask parents/carers to fill in a consent form first and then we will also need parents to sign after the medicine has been administered. [This is so parents know the medicine has been given] If your child suffers regularly from asthma please also ask for a form to complete, which will allow staff to administer the inhaler if necessary. Here again we will need you to sign when collecting your child.

Please note if your child has had sickness and /or diarrhoea we request that you keep him/her at home for 48 hours from last episode of illness, to lessen the risk of infection.

Also if your child needs calpol they are not well enough to come to playgroup. Please keep at home until well.

If your child has an infectious illness [such as chicken pox, impetigo] or head lice for e.g. please inform us so we can let other parents know there is a case at Playgroup and they can be made aware [This will be anonymous] Please also ask re: period of exclusion from Playgroup needed, if applicable.