To and From Home

Nature Table:

We have a nature table at Playgroup and would welcome objects to add to this – for e.g. leaves/conkers in autumn, blossom in spring etc. These would also be great to use for show and tell.


When in their pre-school year, we give children their own book bag and ask them to choose a book from our book corner to take home to read with parents/carers. Please bring this back when ready and then another book can be chosen. Children take the bags with them into the red room when they arrive. If a book is lost or damaged please replace it. Thank you.

Our Reward System:

When children have done something of a positive nature such as being kind, helpful, persevering at an activity, helping with the guinea pigs, using their manners, tidying up, doing a number activity etc. children are given a sticker on their top.

The aim of the Super club is to promote positive behaviour, social skills, boost self confidence as well as help to inform parents of their child’s day. Children quickly learn about this and enjoy taking their stickers home.

We also regularly send out a ‘Note to Home’ for each child. These may say who your child has been playing with, what they have enjoyed doing that day etc. again to help keep parents informed. We give parents a card to keep the stickers on – children enjoy seeing the stickers grow and showing them to their family.