Daily Routine

9.00 Chat time for pre-schoolers/ Freeplay:

Pre-school children: Red Group [in their year before school] go first into the Red room for chat time; to discuss the weather, their news, show and tell etc. All other children play in the Blue [main] room [Blue Group] When chat is finished children then access the Blue room and Red room independently. We have a wide range of activities on offer – books/headphones, computers, music, maths and science area, home corner [role play] water trough, craft area, construction, mark-making table, dough table and fine motor table, floor area for construction/imaginative play.

9.50 – 11.10 Rolling snack/In & out time:

A member of staff sits with groups of children at the table; children are reminded to wash their hands before sitting down, they help to chop up the fruit, pour out their milk or water and find their names and tick themselves off the list. While snack runs the children can access outside as well as inside, choosing what they would like do. We have a large playground and veranda, with a fantastic log ‘trim trail’ on the safety area and large sandpit.

We also have a wide selection of bikes and trikes, small sand trough, water trough, large wooden blocks, trampoline, hoops bats and balls, basketball net and a woodwork bench.

We have a large extension to our main building completed July 2010. New this year is the safety flooring installed around the trim trail.

We also have regular ‘Cooking Weeks’ – when all children have a turn to join in a baking session then take their cooking home with them. We ask Parents to contribute £3 each term towards the cost of ingredients. This is a very popular activity with the children; we usually do two each half term, some recipes are on our website.

Music Day: We have a music day once a week – when children explore the musical instruments themselves as well as joining in group activities; with instruments, musical movement.

11.10 Tidy up time

Children line up to go inside, then help pack away to music.

11.15am Review / story & song time

Children go divide into Red and Blue groups. They discuss the activities they’ve done that session. We then have a story and songs or have a music session.

11.30 Home time for morning children:

The session ends at 11.30. Please wait in the lobby for your child, unless you have arranged to collect your child early. A member of staff will stand at the lobby doors and call children from their groups as their parents/carers arrive to collect them. Children are bought in for lunch club and the afternoon session now also.

The children’s WORKBOX is put in the lobby ready for parents on the table. Please look through it to find your child’s artwork, newsletters etc (the work is in front of their name).

Please telephone the playgroup if you think you may be late collecting your child, or if someone else will be collecting them [remember to give them the password]

Please be punctual collecting your child at the end of the day.

If needed we can pick up/drop off your child to Greenfields day nursery – also in the sports field.


If someone else will be collecting your child, please give us a brief description if possible and also make sure they know your password – we will ask for parents to give us a unique password so their child can be collected by family/friends.

We need to make sure that anyone collecting your child is authorised to do so. If no description/ password is given then we will always ring parents for confirmation.

If you arrange for another playgroup parent to collect your child we still need confirmation from you first before we can let your child leave the building. If this will be a regular arrangement just let us know and we will make a note of this.

11.30 – 12.30 Lunch Club:

We operate a ‘lunch club’ for children: 11.30-12 -playtime. 12-12.30 lunch. The cost is £5.00. When your child is in receipt of the grant this hour can be claimed. Please ask if interested.

Lunch club days are very popular with the children and soon become filled. You can either permanently book a lunch session or book occasionally, depending on numbers. Children need to bring a packed lunch, in a cool bag/lunchbox – named please. As for the main sessions, no refund can be given for absence. We encourage healthy eating at Playgroup and ask parents not to put sweets or chocolates in the lunchbox – see notice board for ideas.

Afternoon Sessions:

The children attend the afternoon sessions by date of birth order. We suggest children start with one or two pre – school sessions (depending on their stage of development) as well as their morning sessions and possibly increase this later in the year if wanted. Children can attend an afternoon once aged three.

While children play we involve children in activities. With a smaller group of children and narrower age range the sessions offer children the opportunity to build on friendships and further extend and develop skills, while also helping to ease a child’s transition into school. Snack time is more formal in the afternoon with all children sitting at the tables in groups. They take turns to count the children, get the cups needed and also to pass biscuits around. We also run groups of adult led activities each afternoon based on literacy or numeracy.

Afternoon/Extended sessions:

Children can also come all day. This means their day runs from 9.00 – 3.00pm. This incorporates two sessions with lunch club in-between. These run from Monday – Thursday [Fridays until 1pm]

The pm sessions run as follows:

  • 12.30: Registration and chat time – in the Red room.
  • 12.45: Freeplay inside
  • 1.40: Tidy up time
  • 1.45: Group snack – all children sitting together
  • 2.15: Freeplay outside
  • 2.35: review and story and songs/music – again in the Red room.
  • 3.00: Home time.