Sessions and Fees

The Playgroup Routine:

We have a regular routine, which helps children develop a sense of time and sequencing. Also children feel more confident when they know what is coming next.

The morning playgroup sessions run from 9.00am to 11.30am. This is for all children [up to a maximum of 36 per session] while the afternoon sessions are smaller groups with children taken in date of birth order [up to 24 per session] these run from 12.30pm to 3.00pm. Lunch club is from 11.30-12.30.

We can offer flexibility within these times also -Please see examples below:

  1. 9am -11.30am: session only – now can also be 9.15-11.45 or 9.30 – 12.00
  2. 9am -12.30am: session & lunch club – now can also be 9.15-12.45 or 9.30 – 1.00pm

Please note: Unless you have booked lunch club we cannot offer any flexibility for children coming 12.30-3pm

You do not need to tell us in advance if you wish your child to arrive earlier/later – just turn up on the day. Please just fill in the times you arrive and wish to leave on the flexi-time sheet on the board in the lobby.

For children in receipt of the grant  - 15 hours per week and for eligible families 30 hours]

As well as the times above children can come for blocks of three hours, over two and a half days- for e.g. Mon, Tues 9-3 pm and Wed 9-12. Or, in blocks of five hours [9.30-2.30 x 3 days] please chat with Liz to discuss this. You are also welcome to have over 15 hours per week. For 30 hours we are open from 9-3 pm Monday to Fridays.

The Early Years Grant:

Currently, the term after a child’s third birthday is when parents can claim the government grant. This entitles parents to claim up to 15 hours per week at one or more establishments – and for eligible families up to 30 hours.  Please ask for more details if required. We will give out forms to all parents of eligible children at the appropriate time. The claim forms will need to be completed each term. Please note we are unable to change a claim made mid-term. The cut off dates are currently: 1st January 1st April. 1st September [i.e. child’s 3rd birthday is 4th January – eligible for grant from 1st April] We are also registered for Funded Two’s.

Our Administrator, Sharon, works part-time and is in the office on Tuesdays to deal with the government grant, session requests, fees, budget etc. Please phone/email Sharon [] if you have any queries on these matters at all.

Payment of Fees:

For 2-3 year olds: Fees are £15.00 for a morning session of two and a half hours. Payment is due each ½ term though please ask if you would prefer to pay weekly.

The lunch hour is £6.00 for 2-3 year olds.

For 3-4 year olds: the government grant currently provides 15 free hours of childcare, or, if eligible up to 30 hours. If you wish to have more than 15 hours and are not eligible to claim for 30 the hourly rate is £6.00

Please note we require four weeks term time notice or payment in lieu if you wish to reduce existing sessions or withdraw your child permanently from playgroup .

It is also playgroup policy not to refund any fees when a child is off sick or on holiday. However, if there are special circumstances, such as a hospital stay, we will consider the situation individually.

We also have regular ‘Cooking Weeks’ – when all children have a turn to join in a baking session then take their cooking home with them. We ask Parents to contribute £3 each half term towards the cost of ingredients.


We run from Monday – Friday 9 – 3 pm: Morning session 9-.11.30 – lunch hour ‘lunch club’ 11.30- 12.30 – afternoon session 12.30 – 3 pm.

As staff have a group of children to follow in particular [Keyperson] it is important that Parents do not change their child’s sessions unless it is unavoidable.

If children also attend Greenfields day nursery  in the Sports field we are happy to pick up/drop off if this is needed.